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xoil gap remix.jpgRenowned for innovating tattoo art design, largely with exciting graphic abstractions, Loic Lavenu -- aka Xoil -- has partnered with apparel brands, big and small, so that collectors can now grab his artwork with a painless click online.
Loic was one of the 11 artists from around the world to design a limited edition tee for Gap's Remix Project, a collection in which the artists were asked to reimagine Gap's logo in their own signature styles. In this video (embedded below) for the project, Loic shares his personal story -- how he came to tattooing and his philosophy on the craft, which includes his thoughts on the transfer of energy between artist and client. There's some deep thinking in this 2-minute video and definitely worth a look. You can purchase Loic's Remix design here


Also check Loic's design for Morgan English's Tattrx line, limited edition apparel hand-printed here in Brooklyn. A portion of the profits from the sale of the tees are being donated to, which coordinates with existing boots-on-the-ground efforts to give immediate support to those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. You can purchase the tees here.  
In addition to apparel, Loic has also designed for Peugeot's 108 tattoo model car, and he has a project in the works with a luxury Swiss watchmaker.

In light of all this, it's particularly interesting that Loic has taken a break from his digital compositions and gone deep into tattoo's roots, handpoking "retro flash," which you can see here on his Facebook page (including the piece shown below). You can learn more in this great video focusing on just his handpoke work: XOIL - TATOUAGE SANS MACHINE. The interview is in French, with English subtitles forthcoming.

Oh, and there's even more cool stuff: check Loic's 7 & 15 project, which he describes as the following: "Tattoo performance, timed on a stop watch, 7 minutes for animals, 15 minutes for portraits, tattoo is finished when the clock stops, done with machine." There are some super cool works, which are hard to believe were created in such a tight time frame.

For those seeking an appointment, Loic's manager Chris recently wrote on Facebook that Loic c
losed his studio in Thonon, France and will be a resident artist, from September 1, 2015, at DropinShop in Lausanne, Switzerland. You can send your appointment requests to with the mention "Xoil Tattoo."

Ok, I've given you a lot of Loic in one post. Explore and enjoy!

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loic lavenu xoil tattoo 1.jpgloic lavenu xoil tattoo 3.jpgOne of the most renowned tattooers of the graphic mash-up tattoo movement, Loic Lavenu, aka Xoil, was recently listed in "The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World" -- which is actually a pretty decent list.

Loic, who is based in Thonon les Bains in France, has been doing numerous guest spots, and here are some recent Wow works he's done on his tattoo tour.  For more on his travel dates and booking appointments, check his Facebook page. FYI: there's already a waiting list for his 2014/15 NYC dates.

loic lavenu xoil tattoo 2.jpg
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expanded eye tattoo 1.jpg
expanded eye tattoo2.jpg
Multidisciplinary artist duo Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James, also known as Expanded Eye, have been spreading love around London with their installations and street art -- and according to Culture 24, they've also been putting their distinct visual storytelling on skin, spending 6 months with abstract tattoo maestro Loic Lavenue, aka Xoil of Needles' Side, in Thonon-les-Bains, France.

The duo's approach to tattoos are particularly engaging and also well constructed. On Expanded Eye's Facebook Page, they offer more on their approach:

Each and every unique tattoo we create is our visual interpretation of concepts and stories provided by the client which hold significant meaning to the individual. We encompass as much personal detail possible whilst allowing each design to evolve organically into a contemporary piece of art, which is then transferred from paper to skin.

Expanded Eye is now taking bookings for November through June 2014 when they are back at Needles' Side. Hit them up with your concept & placement ideas to

If you're in London from October 25-29, check their exhibition of new works entitled A Thousand Fibres, showing at Arch 402 Gallery, Hoxton. Read the exhibition statement for more on the show.

Expanded Eye tattoos.jpg
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Brent McCown tattooing.jpgMy Brooklyn homies, Chris Budd and Gene Coffey of Tattoo Culture just got back from last weekend's Evian Tattoo Expo in France and had a blast. Today, Gene takes over Needles & Sins to offer his review of the show.

Also check Gene's pix of the convention on Flickr.

By Gene Coffey

After a short train ride from Geneva, Switzerland to Evian, France, Chris Budd and I began our Evian Tattoo Convention adventure. A quaint little town on the lake that borders Switzerland and France, Evian seemed an odd place to put on a tattoo convention. We arrived Thursday, a day before the show began, and the town felt sleepy and unaware of the potential madness that was about to descend on it. Old french couples, poodles in tow, strolled the cobblestone streets peering at the obvious outsiders dragging our luggage noisily towards our hotel. Check-in. Drop bags in rooms. Let's see what Evian has to offer. We headed to a little pub at the end of the block and grabbed a bite. Cheese crapes and coffee presented by an angry old french man in a restaurant that stunk of the old mangy dog pacing the floor and leering at the customers. It was going to be a loooooong weekend.

horitada horimono.jpgThe sun rose behind a backdrop of mountains, marking the entrance of the weekend and the beginning of the convention. We headed over to the Palais des Congres for Friday morning set-up. The space is awesome: three floors with a fountain outside, a beautiful facade, a stage and skylights. We were greeted by Dats, the organizer of the show, who was warm and welcoming even under the obvious pressures of putting on such a shin dig. We headed upstairs to our booth. It was huge and directly under the skylights. Our booth-mates hadn't arrived yet, we I began to set up.

Destiny and fate had prompted me to shave my beard just days before leaving New York, but I opted to leave the mustache intact. Then as our friends Noon and Xoil from Needle's Side arrived I was overjoyed to behold that both of them were also sporting the most dapper of manly mustaches too. Instantly we became the Mustache Men. Patrons began to file in and the air filled with the buzzing of machines and murmurs of french. Cheek kissing abounded.

stachetastic.jpgWithin an hour of the convention starting, I already had a customer and the tattooing began. I felt a bit like the odd man out in our booth. I didn't know anyone there and didn't speak any french, so it was a great escape to go right to work. A couple hours later I had finished the piece and was pumped to walk around and see what everyone was up to. Chris had already made the rounds so he stayed in the booth and I wandered the isles. The caliber of artists in attendance was superb. Kevin LeBlanc, Adrian Dominic, Horitada, Tommy Lee, Olivier, Brent McCown and many more made for a well rounded selection of styles from around the world.  The day marched on at the usual pace of every convention until...

The most horrible, soul crushing, embarrassing, pathetic display of unashamed human behavior ensued as the GodGirls took to the stage for the "Sexy Show". I can honestly say that it was the first time in my life where I have seen a hot, naked girl and been so entirely turned off that my penis almost inverted itself and tried to turtle head its way back into my abdomen. The first girl to come on stage to dance and strip in what I suppose was some mutated French version of burlesque was best described by Chris when he turned to me and said "She looks like a deaf person trying to dance to music she can't hear." And it went downhill from there. I'm all for public nudity, but MY GOD!!! If your going to do a "Sexy Show" perhaps a little rehearsal in front of a mirror might do a bit of good before you go on stage and make an "ass" of yourself.

Friday ended. Saturday began at 10a.m. The convention was packed with people by 11. It was really great working with Noon and Xoil. Their work it so happy and carefree that everyone who came up to our booth instantly broke into a smile. They taught me a few key phrases in french which helped me to spread my American sense of humor to the unsuspecting french people. "Bonjour. Voulez-vous sentir ma mustache?" was my favorite.

Evian Tattoo Expo.jpgThe weekend was one of the most positive tattoo convention experiences I have had. The attendees were all friendly people. Very few d-bags. No biker brawls. And lots of amazing tattoos! It was sad when it ended Sunday night. Gear was packed. People faded away. Quiet returned to this little french town. But not before 25 of us went to have one last bash at a local restaurant. Good food and great new friends was the perfect way to end the convention.

One of the great things about Evian is that it is a 40 minute ferry ride away from Lausanne, Switzerland. Home to Filip Leu. Monday morning Chris and I headed there to visit him. He was super welcoming. Gave us some coffee and we hung out for about an hour. It was awesome to see his shop and his artwork. It felt like a tattoo mecca. As people (about 30 of them) arrived we took it as our cue to break out. We said our goodbyes and it was all over.

Au revoir, Evian. Voulez-vous sentir ma mustache?
See more of Gene's Tattoo Work on his Flickr Portfolio.
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